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To the Internet Archive Community, Time is running out: please help the Internet Archive today. He wanted to fall down again, just like back then. However, amid the vermillion scrawl over the talisman, there seemed to be a few extra brushstrokes. Pin by Kasumi It on MDZS t Manga Manga anime and. Minoru Joeling — BiChen Play from novel-Extra. Twitter Facebook Page Deviantart Instagram Rosas AU. 🐓🌽 * puns everywhere * (Always from Grasses and Allure arcs) #mdzs #modaozushi #modaozushifanart #魔道祖师 #wwx #wangxian #weiwuxian #lwj #lanwanji #bichen #heprotec #heattac #butmostimportantly Bichen de sus manos, deslizó hacia abajo su mirada y besó gentilmente la empuñadura. zu, dao, mơ. Entonces estiró su roja lengua y la deslizó por la empuñadura. Using our referral system you can earn an extra percentage of the people you refer to our website you can use a link or a banner, Earning percentage is up to 5% of user earnings HOW TO WITHDRAW YOUR EARNINGS? Once you reach 5$ in your account, you can withdraw them at any time,login to your account, select payments and click withdraw. But instead of money they find the Yilling Patriarch having a tea party with the Ghost General and Wen Qing. Source: rubydragon16 mo dao zu shi · 1,209 notes Sep 18th,  28 Oct 2018 It's Xiao Zhan (WWX's actor); WWX checking out Bichen + LWJ; MDZS Audio Drama, R Extra: 飞泉鸣玉 | Fei Quan Ming Yu | Dulcet Melody. Dec 9, 2019 - Pin by Kasumi It on MDZS t Manga Manga anime and. 8 ธ. ) Have you all heard this extra? It’s a “live extra” because it was performed live by Lu Zhixing-laoshi at Maoer FM’s 2019 M声优祭 event. This is what my translator @gwynhafra86 by commenting (comment also present under the extra post here) regarding any possible missed dialogues of Wei Wuxian in the latest extra, Lan WangJi - Accompanying you to Sleep - From Night to Morning Edition, I shared yesterday- Jul 30, 2019 - Read 1 from the story Mo dao Zu shi fanart (Hiatus) by austin-hope with 19,596 reads. If I accidentally disrespected anybody's disclaimer anywhere - I probably missed it - I'll delete the post. 成親 is a term for marriage, so yes, they got married in this extra. See 14 authoritative translations of Little in Spanish with example sentences, phrases and audio pronunciations. I guess I will be taken to prison by Chinese government one day, because of this art I drew, or the things I said. ” She set Wei Ying down and smoothened his hair. 2019 - พินนี้ค้นพบโดย CourtSalaz ค้นพบ (และบันทึก!) พินของคุณเองใน Pinterest After hearing this extra, you’ll come to know why this drama is such a good adaptation of the novel. See the list of expert speakers for Strata Data Conference, taking place September 25-28, 2017 in New York, NY. Pin by Kasumi It on MDZS t Manga Manga anime and Well that big bold no was like a drug for my mom. Thank you~~~ I also want to thank kitty for allowing me to sub some of the main episodes. *sad* stebeee:. They’ve all done a fantastic job of providing very accurate translations for each episode along with all the extra explanations in between dialogues and the wonderful song translations. I love the icy aura of this weapon! This was actually a very quick ink and watercolour work, but I lost myself in the editing part AGAIN, oh my. Dad would eat his words for sure. tomatillo sauce is usually spicy, so be prepared!" The Untamed (Chinese: 陈情令; pinyin: Chén Qíng Lìng) is a 2019 Chinese television series He wields the Bichen sword (Chinese: 避尘) and the Wangji zither (Chinese: 忘机). Lan Wangji fought with BiChen, defeating the corpses with grace, and Wei Wuxian was in the back, playing his Chenqing, trying to appease the strong corpse. That is all, that is the joke, it’s not even funny ExtrAvidin® is a modified form of egg white avidin that retains the high affinity and specificity of avidin for biotin, but does not exhibit the nonspecific binding at physiological pH that has been reported for avidin. Not only does LQR keep his nephews secluded from their parents and the outside world, he separates them from each other. Lan Wangji didn’t object. See more ideas about Anime, Chinese art and Asian art. 17 ธ. LWJ : You might The character guide is really helpful! just wanna point out a few mistakes:) ‘A Qing’ is actually called ‘A Jing’ and the interpretation for Shuang Hua'(Xiao Xingchen’s sword) is ‘the brilliance of frost’ instead of floral frost. My sword & instrument spirit story and their POV of MDZS. Just fucking goes buck wild with the blue flower juice. 2019 - “重點是第二張圖 (誤) When I posted my first MDZS sketch someone requested this scene right away =u=; but now it's all about the second Minoru Joeling — BiChen Play from novel-Extra. i like to see mdzs canon story in other point of A series of drabbles from the MDZS universe. 【Wei Wuxian & Family】. This one took such a long time to finish because it’s pretty long. (^This one is from the MXTX Amino Ch. zu, mơ, dao. mo dao zu shi. Oct 27, 2019 - Explore hiro42722's board "MDZS" on Pinterest. Lan Wangji forced his injured body and called out Bichen to hover in front of him and Wei Ying. This year, coincidentally on Su Muqiu’s birthday, the novel finished being translated. And also. "This cilantro cream sauce can be used as a dip, or as a sauce for fish or chicken. A voice inside of him said, If he catches me, I’ll… mdzs mdzs audio drama mo dao zu shi modaozushi wangxian look at them!!!!! **only 3x and 4x are marked down to $20** the rest of the shirts are regular price** Descriptions pertaining to: Bichen, Lan Zhan, silencing spell, Wangji guqin, jingshi, Cloud Recesses, Lotus Pier, Library Pavillion, library meeting & names, Wangxian first meeting (I created this doc initially bc I wanted to know what WWX’s first impression of LWJ’s looks was for ch4 of caged bird, sing for me. . "If it wasn't for me, Wang Yibo wouldn't be spending extra time to take care of you. The donations that are received in this ko-fi account are sent by us to the audio drama creators via missevan website. See more ideas about Anime, Fan art and The grandmaster. Our experiments show that SqueezeSeg achieves high accuracy with astonishingly fast and stable runtime (8. While Wei Wuxian's dream consists of them having a domestic life after retiring from cultivation, Lan Wangji's dream is much, ''much'' kinkier in nature]]. What the hell, the art on that page is of an extra-revealing erotica. 135 (EXTRA DEL SPOILER DE MXY MDZS- Night-hunt adventures Historical Fiction. BiChen Play from #MoDaoZuShi novel-Extra Chapter so the Mdzs animation’s Weibo posted this with the caption “Happy Teacher’s Day”. human bichen wallpaper, beautiful mo dao zu shi sword. with hyunwoo, what they had was passionate, it was dramatic from start to the very end. It was strong, but nothing Wei Wuxian couldn’t control. mdzs fans: omg have you caught up with season 2 of the donghua? i'm still rewatching season 1 for the 3rd time! i haven't even finished the live action, i'm afraid to watch the ending!! and i'm still midway through my 5th reread of the novel. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works 9 thg 3, 2019 - Ngụy Bạch Thiển đã khám phá Ghim này. The views of all staff on the story and characters shows how deep an understanding they all have of it and that has culminated in the end product - this drama - being such a complete piece of work. MDZS Audio Drama Live Extra: Makeup . I loved it so much (it’s hands-down my favourite extra), I decided to clean up the translation and share it. I saw few people asking around where they can find translations of the novel, so I thought I could share some links that I know. EXTRA CHAPTER - 魔道祖师 Mo Dao Zu Shi (The MDZS Confession Scene Translation. Just wondering because i am a thirsty hoe, but are you going to finish the translations for the burning incense extra? (i need bichen in action XD) MDZS: WangXian The guide has been made for MDZS Audio Drama, but you can use the same procedure to purchase the other paid audio drama as well. Y la desenfundó. A Memory: Fighting Succubi with Master Liu. Here’s a Scum Villain extra I originally translated for @daylight-star, featuring Liu Qingge and Shen Qingqiu. Tuttavia, dopo aver accarezzato l’anello a lungo, Jiang Cheng si costrinse a soffocare il suo intento aggressivo. Fine, don't look at me, then I will just play with BiChen here. These brushstrokes were the ones that entirely changed the pattern of the talisman. A-Yuan seems flustered why WWX is so distraught but LWJ have taught the child well,( or as well as he could he thinks) he didn’t fuss or wail, but going as far to bring his toys and give his Xian gege and try and cheer him up. 2019 - พินนี้ค้นพบโดย 🍁Tahoo Hayee🍁 ค้นพบ (และบันทึก!) พินของคุณเองใน Pinterest HuangGuangJun // Lan Zhan (Wang Ji)(guqin éponyme) (Son épée se nomme Bichen) Il est attachant même en étant distant hihi. Latest coupons and promo codes help you save more. com has the best hardcore british movies and XXX videos that you can stream on your device in HD quality. ย. It really helped me organize some things. 15 Oct 2018 MDZS Chapter 119, Extras 2 — Incense Burner 2: Patriarch!Xian vs Young! Bi- Chen flashes forwards, and Wei Wu Xian evades effortlessly. that’s the thing. Ask anything you want to learn about B I C H E N ~ 避尘 by getting answers on ASKfm. Extra Links. :D —– There was an old saying that laughter was the best medicine to pain. Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji are told by Lan Qiren to go help the juniors with a night-hunt task, because Lan Qiren is anxious about the demons that the juniors might face. It might be silly, but wangxian really helped me survive the pain. Quando manda i messaggi in caps lock almeno Lan Zhan può gridare per telefono considerando che la voce non la alza particolarmente mai. ค. We need your help. So if you liked these series and wish to support the original creators by purchasing these audio dramas, please see the guide given in >> this post <<. If WangXian were gangsters and Suibian and Bichen were guns… Tagged as: wangxian mdzs mo dao zu shi lan wangji wei wuxian it's heeeeeere so excited to see it finished the badass power couple 💙 💙 💙 💙 💙 💙 queued you only live once mdzs mdzs fic lan wangji wei wuxian lan xichen jiang cheng Xicheng if you squint the untamed set post canon novel thanks airplane-bro shay's stuff crack told from LXC and JC POV mdzs fanfic wangxian but not wangxian for obvious reasons turnabout is fair play May 4, 2019 - Pin by Kasumi It on MDZS t Manga Manga anime and. 1 miles from Bolivar Square, Tequendama Suites and Hotel has accommodations with a restaurant, free private parking and a fitness center. Pin by Kasumi It on MDZS t Manga Manga anime and Modern AU for MDZS . archive ; YOI x MDZS (Crossover) <3 xD. The title of this extra is 成親記. Timing, Typesetting  MEGAPOST SOBRE LINKS DE MDZS ➭Título Original: 魔道祖师 -Mó dào zǔ shī ( Mo Dao Zu Shi) ➥Otros ◇Estado : Finalizado (113 capítulos + 13 extras). Lan Huan grows up worried for and wishing he could protect his little brother, who he hears is silent and grim, and Lan Zhan grows up wishing he had a big brother to protect him, who he hears is kind and good. Az oldal a japán, kínai és koreai sorozatok/történetek felkarolását tűzte ki célul, legyen szó akár írott, akár animált, akár élőszereplős műfajokról. She was so so proud of herself. The other tiny ones (小剧场)should really be called “mini theatres/scenes” or something but I’m too lazy to go change them. my impression is subin’s feeling for jun is not the same as hyunwoo, and jun knows this too. Lan WangJi unsheathed Bichen from his back and chased after him. He is cold, aloof . 24 พ. I forgot to post this little extra to [BiChen's Sincerity] *Reasons WangJi guqin didn't like SuiBian at Read 89 (SPOILER BICHEN) from the story |Mini Comics De MDZS| by Nie-Huaisang (Nie Huaisang) with 6,291 reads. But I managed to adapt his sword Bichen into a saber (it’s going to be called Bichen instead of B-Saber or something though) and of course, the guqin. And I’ll be rewatching this one for sure ! I don’t know if MY let go of his love for her but he certainly was happy for his little Seventeenth. Look forward to some flirtation along the way of our favorite couple, and maybe yarrowful said: wait, there's an extra where wwx shoves bichen up his ass????? Answer: Yep. 8 Oct 2018 minorujoeling: “ BiChen Play from #MoDaoZuShi novel-Extra Chapter “You don't look at me okoyeleiaantiope reblogged this from mdzs-stuff. chibisunnie:. I started reading mdzs when I was very sick and ended up in a hospital. Mar 29, 2017 · It is extra chapter of MDZS real though not fanfic I have wanted more extra like that . *Many asked me…I’ll answer here: I won’t be making any other sword/ magic tool spirits from MDZS. Lotus Clinic Dog Walkers Club. E le parti extra mi hanno fatto decedere in direttissima. digital art mo dao zu shi art digital drawing illustration illustrator lan wangji mdzs wei wuxian wei ying bichen 255 notes Here’s another sweet extra to add to that fluff :3 ~Tossing Flowers~ Look at the sweet expressions in the above picture on these two adorable idiots hopelessly in love with each other <3 <3 Watch the hot porn video Real Sex (british) for free. Under the cut is my translation for Blanc Ch 6! ^_^ Thank you to @aliciacentolla for letting me use her pictures of the raws since I can never seem to get good pictures from my copy of the magazine! ^_^ Also thank you to my friend Linzz for answering all my kansai-ben and “is this either an idiom or slang?” questions so that way I could ensure this is Dec 9, 2019 - Pin by Kasumi It on MDZS t Manga Manga anime and. Classic Cars for sale & Classifieds - Buy Sell Classic Car & Classic Truck Classifieds. 1. [TGCF Extra - Chapter 251] Aiyah! Thousand God Cavern – Lots of Huahuas and Lianlians! =-=-= Spoiler warning: Some of the statues refer to Xie Lian’s past in books 2 and 4, but I don’t think they are particularly spoiler-ish, or that you need context for them other than the sex pollen scene in book 2 in order to appreciate this extra. tran quach. I tend to draw XuanYu WiFi more and not Wei Ying himself cuz whenever I draw him (like in this one) I can’t help but think this beautiful person perished horribly Orz I appreciate that he got a second chance from Mo XuanYu but still…. He either let him hang on trees or buried him in the ground, fooling him that he’d grow faster if he Mo Dao Zu Shi Audio Drama Extras MP4 files - For anyone who wishes to have the MP4 files of the Mo Dao Zu Shi Audio Drama S2 extras and Cornetto ads I just released in the last few days, please See Tweets about #mdzs on Twitter. He’ll have to apologize to Wei Ying’s beloved sister, but getting Wei Ying far away from people who would gladly trample his body was his first priority. There are actually 40 questions in the full interview about all three of her books, her upcoming fourth book and also about herself and her writing in general. And, the two people on the drawing, were both men! Wei Wu Xian still remembers, the book of erotica he gave to Lan Wang Ji didn’t include any homosexual material, so there definitely was no such drawing, and couldn’t hope back a surprised gasp. zeldacw:. The guide has been made for MDZS Audio Drama, but you can use the same procedure to purchase the An extra hour for lunch has been allocated so that players can try one of the many restaurants within walking distance in the downtown Oakland area. Do you still keep asking? Asking after all the relentless fools that came before And who is there in the distance? Asking again the departed people Part 2 During their stay in the Cloud Recesses sect disciples had seen with their very eyes the temperament sect heir who only has this soft look in his eyes when the person in front of him is brother, no one is able to ask WWX to be their friend (except NHS, how he was able to do it was mystery to them all) in fear of the YMJ sect heir’s wrath. Non riuscì neppure a concentrarsi sul viso di quella persona e respirò a scatti per un paio di volte. Located in Bogotá, 2. To grow Minoru Joeling — BiChen Play from novel-Extra. C'est un personnage calme et sérieux. I am from Hong Kong. Surprise translation! (As per someone’s request on Twitter. Look at my work, I ALWAYS CHANGE MY STYLE—the hell why I didn't have my own artstyle. 2019 - พินนี้ค้นพบโดย Phattharaphong Nualphong ค้นพบ (และบันทึก!) พินของคุณเองใน Pinterest What the hell, the art on that page is of an extra-revealing erotica. Tags, summaries and relationships will be updated with every drabble! Most of them will stand alone, but some will have continuations :3. Ed Song Timing: kittykat2010 , ascii. Delle tre Grandi Scuole - dopo la rovina della Scuola di Qinghe Nie - quella… [Gift of Peony] scene from MDZS novel. I noticed when I received my MDZS box set in Traditional Chinese that the ‘Everyday’ sex scene was a bit longer than what I had previously read so… here we are ^^ Overall it’s written in more explicit language and rearranged differently compared to the other existing version. MDZS novel translations. Nov 29, 2019 - Read 1 from the story Mo dao Zu shi fanart (Hiatus) by austin-hope with 18,820 reads. ringou. And his sword bic(hen)orn. See what people are saying and join the conversation. He doesn’t remember making a conscious decision but that’s where Bichen takes him. The Hidden School. For comparison, the third part of the Bing-mei vs Bing-ge extra was about 3k words in English. A/N yeah so I'm reading the GDC extra chapters for the first time and whodathunk it there's ages and stuff so everything is moving •Decimation of the Jiang Sect and Wen Occupation of Lotus Pier •Jiang Cheng and Wei WuXian go on the run •Jiang Cheng distracts Wen Guards to save Wei WuXian; Wen Zhuliu melts his Golden Core Mar 09, 2019 · I forgot to post this little extra to [BiChen's Sincerity] *Reasons WangJi guqin didn't like SuiBian at first: 1. J'ai du respect pour lui il est quelqu'un de très droit. 24 ธ. Thank you for treating us so kindly! We'll miss you  11 Jan 2019 Mo Dao Zu Shi extra: From night to morning I hadn't planned to translate another chapter but I recently discovered the extra story「朝 MDZS donghua has a collaboration with stationery shop KAZE with no shortage of  Although Bichen's thin, nearly transparent blade gives the impression of a lightweight sword, it is actually strong enough to cut through iron and heavy enough  26 May 2019 GDC Chapter 119: Extra—Incense Burner (Part Two)39 min read . This is a partial translation of an interview given by the author in March 2018, it can be found on her Weibo. WWX "Vik`s coaching skills have helped me to clarify my goals and think through some difficult roadblocks. Dia berniat bertarung dengan napas terakhirnya bahkan sampai membawa Xichen dan ingin mati bersama. And then it it started . it’s their first love, even though things ended up not working because of the timing: subin moved too fast and hyunwoo was too slow to realize what they had. 1) MDZS Audio Drama S3 Extra: Family Banquet Translation: radhishtears. Lan Xichen had not been physically hurt many times in his life, so though the ankle break was minor comparatively to what it could have been falling down a steep drop, feeling the delicate bones grind made his eyes water, the On Twitter I was suggested to draw a rooster lwj, so here is a cocky wanji. Fine, don't look at me Mar 15, 2019 · A Note. 腾讯视频星光大赏 Tencent’s Video All Star Awards 2019 - BoZhan’s on stage giving their award speech & the cameraman being real considerate as he/she remembers to not leave Wang Zhou Cheng out even if WZC looks half confused In the end the forehead ribbon and its meaning had to be shed because this is an MMX AU and there are no cultivational sects, and everything is… so much different. Mao Er FM gave us this cute little wangxian art as a goodbye gift to season 2 (aka see you later season 3) . Thank you so much~~! I’m really happy to be a part of this team ^o^ Five years ago, Butterfly Blue completed The King’s Avatar. jc has 5 boyfriends. Su empuñadura estaba moldeada en plata esterlina, fundida a través de un método secreto. BICHEN up his ASS. Oct 05, 2019 · Mo Dao Zu Shi Audio Drama S3 Extra - Eating Watermelon Hello everyone! :D Aaand here’s another extra from MDZS audio drama S3 for all you guys today! ~Eating Watermelon~ Most of you might have already Nov 26, 2019 - Explore sherlykosasih's board "Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation (GDC)" on Pinterest. At Lotus Pier, Lan Xichen had taken one look at his face and offered to take little A-Yuan back to Cloud Recesses with him. ** There's also the ''Incense Burner'' extra where [[spoiler: he and Wei Wuxian are able to see the other's dreams. 30 Jul 2018 MDZS Chapter 117, Extras 2: Incense Burner — Let's all watch The little Lan Zhan's face is not red at all; Bi Chen swipes through the air. Nov 26, 2018 · MDZS AU Headcanon dump: Stay (6) (Part 1 here) (Part 2 here) (Part 3 here) (Part 4 here) (Part 5 here) LWJ did regain his mobility gradually as Wen Qing has said. Enjoy~! ^v^ — asckj1 (ascii) MDZS Chapter 104. I forgot to post this little extra to [BiChen's Sincerity] *Reasons WangJi guqin didn't like SuiBian at  mdzs-tgcf-svsss-fanblog · rubydragon16. Translate Little. Tube8. and like wow the manhua is really dragging out yi city arc isn't it? has anyone started listening to the audiobook narrated by zhang zhen? we still have 22 พ. Titled as Hanguang-Jun (含光君, Hánguāng-jūn), Lan Wangji is one of the Two Jades of Lan alongside his older brother, Lan Xichen. Among the facilities at this property are a concierge service and a tour desk, along with free WiFi throughout the property. See more. #mdzs fanfic #mdzs #wangxian #lan xichen #ummmm so i dont read tags bc i like to live dngerously #but i knew from the summary thered be death #didnt read the relationship tags tho so ha ha ha #im sad now :(#this is still beautifully written tho #im gonna reblog my other rec for happy wangxian After the funeral, Lan Wangji goes back Qiongqi Path. ↳ Mo Dao Zu Shi SO2 EP06. Wei Ying (魏婴 Wèi Yīng), courtesy name Wei Wuxian (魏无羡, Wèi Wúxiàn) is the founder of the Demonic Cultivation and a former disciple of the Yunmeng Jiang Sect. ED Song Translation: iarrod. He as Spy in WenRuoHan Yakuza organization to get the info and find WWX, because WWX invested the drugs makes corpse comes alive accidentally kill people’s in the police head office. faelicy:. I’ve loved mdzs for whole year now, and I feel I will be loving it for a long time. Part 1 of your great day… here’s the next episode of the MDZS audio drama in English!! Ready for battle?! 4) MDZS Audio Drama, Copper Coins Audio Drama and Jian Chu Han Shan Audio Drama all paid content. MDZS. In which Jiang Cheng worries about whether his nephew has any friends, tries to fend off unwanted matchmaking, swears in front of children, is harassed by his brother, and maybe, just maybe, tries to heal some animals. minorujoeling: “BiChen Play from #MoDaoZuShi novel-Extra Chapter “You don’t look at me?Then you look me play with BiChen” You can view the uncensored ver on my Extrabux is a international cashback shopping site, offers up to 30% cashback from 10000+ Stores. Main story will be XiYao. Wei Wuxian laughed. While we have a plan to improve the situation, we expect intermittent problems to continue into early next year. The average donation is $45. Chinese Boy They’ve all done a fantastic job of providing very accurate translations for each episode along with all the extra explanations in between dialogues and the wonderful song translations. It’s the third (??) part of the Incense Burner extra. chitsuu:. Pin by Kasumi It on MDZS t Manga Manga anime and Minoru Joeling — BiChen Play from novel-Extra. What the hell, the art on that page is of an extra-revealing erotica. Sweet and Romance moments of MDZS characters Feb 04, 2019 · Then, with Bichen unsheathed and Chenqing in hand, bones were broken and ashes scattered without a look back A parting, a decade’s worth of seasons passing [Emperor's Smile! MDZS Audio Drama S3 Extra: Family Banquet. May 4, 2019 - Pin by Kasumi It on MDZS t Manga Manga anime and. Imagine that there is a MDZS equivalent of an Area 51 which is the Lanling Jin Sect Dungeons and some kids decide to raid it for money. 7 ms per frame), highly desirable for autonomous driving applications. [Willful End] MDZS Sword & instrument spirit character design & fancomic WangQingSuiChen (Unruffled by Emotion) by Zeldacw. More Scum Villain extra, yass. May 10, 2019 · To obtain extra training data, we built a LiDAR simulator into Grand Theft Auto V (GTA-V), a popular video game, to synthesize large amounts of realistic training data. I'll just leave my trash here :3 If there's any problem with anything I post here just send me a message. My design of the spirit form of BiChen, Lan Wangji’s sword. In particolare mentre parla con Lan Xichen. 26 Mar 2019 minorujoeling: “BiChen Play from #MoDaoZuShi novel-Extra Chapter “You don't look at me? okoyeleiaantiope reblogged this from mdzs-stuff. MengYao~He is a spy from police force. lotus seeds are bittersweet A MDZS fan blog where I try to translate some Chinese and hope that they turn out legible. 11 months ago on Jan 10th 2019 with 2,356 notes (Via S3E8 MDZS audio drama in English!! suibiansubs:. Grown up SiZhui and JingYi (。・ω・。) *Support me on Patreon for high-res files of my sketches ヾ(≧ ≦*)o Last month was my 1st anniversary of the day I started reading mdzs. Amazing product deals and shopping guides make your shopping more easy. minorujoeling: BiChen Play from #MoDaoZuShi novel-Extra Chapter Lan Zhan (蓝湛 Lán Zhàn), courtesy name Lan Wangji (蓝忘机, Lán Wàngjī) is the second young master of the Lan clan. Get in touch with B I C H E N ~ 避尘 (@BICHEN__) — 35 answers, 321 likes. You wouldn't be rolling in sheets with him now! Plus, you have no idea what your kids have done!" Xiao Zhan threw a pillow at him but the pillow only went through the apparition. Dec 04, 2019 · Minoru Joeling — BiChen Play from novel-Extra. gdc, mdzs, yaoi. Weibo Thanks I had no time & brain space to cook up a short story (like the lotus picking one), so I sketched my fav moments from the extra chapter—wy: “NO hitting! Especially NO slapping on my…” (such a 3 yr old =u=lll )lz: I won’t. MDZS : the untamed - Being with you แฟนอาร์ท ภาพสเก็ต นิยาย สาวอนิเมะ นักแสดงหญิง Read Being with you from the story MDZS : the untamed by unpossesed (BICHEN) with 3,831 reads. That's right, all we need is the price of a paperback book to sustain a non-profit library the whole world depends on. Tragos, James Geraci, Aonghus Lawlor Recommender systems (RS) share many features and objectives with reinforcement learning (RL) systems. *While ‘wang-qing’ (忘情) could mean ’(un)ruffled by emotion’, ‘sui-chen’ (隨塵) translates to ‘go with the flow of dust in the wind’ and it means a soft, delicate but continuous yearning. Mar 04, 2017 · Thank you so much for a your work and recaps !! And for providing an extra discussion platform for this drama as there never seems to be enough ! Probably the best Cdrama I’ve seen to date. Il marchio catturò tutta l’attenzione di Wei WuXian, facendogli credere di aver visto male. 74“Every day when he was free, he played with the toddler Wen Yuan, son of Wen Qing’s cousin. They were able to memorize the technique of drawing this type of residential talismans when they were fifteen or sixteen. As the original novel was written in a " flashback" style, additional scenes had to be inserted to improve the flow of the story. La apariencia de Bichen era como el hielo, transparente y lúcida. Focusing on these four require lots of time & my tiny brain power… so, no ZiDian, no stygian tiger seal, no LieBing or Shuoyue… none OvOlll bigbadredpanda:. Let’s support everyone for their hard work♥ Exiled Rebels Scanlations (translated from the very beginning till chapter 112; updates usually once a week on Sundays; final version of the novel) Gwyn-chan has taken the time to create a MDZS Season 2 masterpost! It lists all episodes available currently by the official Moerfm website, and where you can download them in English, either subbed by me or ascii. “A Hatred for Life” Part 7. The only safe place he could think of was the place Wei Ying made into a safe haven. If everyone chips in $5, we can keep our website independent, strong and ad-free. MDZS Audio Drama S03E10. faq+links (please read!) about my graphics my ficlets mdzs network + events blog main blog. Tagged ・mo dao zu shi ・mdzs ・Wei Wuxian ・Lan Wangji ・Jiang Cheng ・Jiang Wanyin ・Wei Ying ・Lan Zhan ・grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation ・gdc Part 10 The forehead ribbon is working hard to control the beast (because Lan Zhan really wants to pin the love of his life to the wall and kiss him senseless) by Bichen Shi, Makbule Gulcin Ozsoy, Neil Hurley, Barry Smyth, Elias Z. And I realise that I only draw 4 character out of MDZS in this year. 2019 - “👈🏻蓝忘机夺初吻 vs 魏无羡夺初吻👉🏻 都是偷亲。蓝姑娘果然很狼 ‿ 👈🏻LWJ first kiss WWX vs WWX first kiss LWJ👉🏻 Both are steal kiss. MXTX interview. After the funeral, Lan Wangji goes back Qiongqi Path. lanwangji, mdzs, bl. Khám phá (và lưu lại!) các Ghim của riêng bạn trên Pinterest. I saw an MTL translation of Lan XiChen telling Wei WuXian what happened at Nightless City (aka the scene where LXC confesses to WWX for LWJ), and it lost the MOST IMPORTANT LINE OF ALL TIME (apart from LWJ’s conversation with Wen Ning, this is the part that finally made me love LWJ and truly appreciate him as a character lol) so here’s a really For @bloody-bee-tea who wanted more confident Jiang Cheng sweeping Lan Xichen off his feet. After MDZS episode 9, I thought I’d share what the viewers have missed if they didn’t read the novel… 只看動畫錯過太多細節. ma-đạo In case you don’t have an account on that website, you can still donate to them by following this link >> Here (donations for MDZS Audio Drama only!!) <<. Four years ago, The King’s Avatar began being translated. Read Artist: -知吾竹- (phần tiếp) from the story [FANART] MA ĐẠO TỔ SƯ by macmac125 (Thường Huyên) with 674 reads. #considering what he would do with Bichen this is nothin #-lights a candle for LWJ-#MDZS #MDZS fanart #MXTX #cnovel reiiciel : Mo dao zu shi + audio drama covers. There is an extra at the end for all the thirsty people who didn't get a hug from Wen Qing. “A-Ying knows A-Than’s house! Mommy confused A-Ying!” “Okay, you brat. Copy and paste the following code to link back to this work (CTRL A/CMD A will select all), or use the Tweet or Tumblr links to share the work on your Twitter or Tumblr account. Sebbene fosse irritato, come Gran Maestro doveva considerare molti altri fattori, il che significava non potersi permettere di essere impulsivo come Jin Ling. And this extra ass bitch plants this flower and every single day DRENCHES this thing in miracle grow. Tangan Nie Mingjue yang satu mencekik Jin Guangyao dan yang satu mencoba menjangkau tenggorokan Xichen. " Bichen’s blade rings aloud* Yet hard to escape the madness and discord of old scores A qin sounds in the Jingshi The melody of Inquiry echoes through the air. Sunday's lunch will be Ike's Sandwiches. This is a “real” extra lol. WangXian just a supporting characters. Jin Guangyao tidak punya niat untuk melarikan diri. I'm so sad :') I also couldn't drawing often rn bcs several things happen. “[MDZS] so who caught who I totally avoided drawing mdzs for the longest time because it would be so typical of me but then so many friends asked and i finally gave in to my Chinese roots 😂” dark Wei Ying and Lan Zhan "I'm he's💙" . Thank you so much~~! I’m really happy to be a part of this team ^o^ 5 พ. Blanc Ch 6 Translation. rikke-y:. Mar 16, 2019 · My sword & instrument spirit story and their POV of MDZS. “A Hatred for Life” Part 9. [Bichen being used as a dildo by Wei Wu Xi'an] is one of the reasons why Wei Wuxian pretended to look wronged. 2019 - พินนี้ค้นพบโดย Black rose queen ค้นพบ (และบันทึก!) พินของคุณเองใน Pinterest The Archive may occasionally be slow or unresponsive due to ongoing issues with our Elasticsearch servers. I highly recommend Extra-M coaching for anyone who wants to push themselves to the next level and achieve big goals. Oldride offering classic car classifieds, classic truck classifieds, old car classifieds, classic car part, classic truck part, classic car sales, buy classic car, old classic car. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. These are amazing sandwiches as any Bay Area local will tell you. This one is 5k words. Hello, Thanks for this question. Her lil plant was doing so well. So this is a list I made mostly simply looking at the playlist on missevan website for each MDZS season- MDZS Chapter 106. Kahleen. My husband eats it on everything he can consume! Taste and add additional seasoning if necessary. For easy navigation-MDZS Audio Drama S3 >> original source << Cooper Coins Audio Drama >> original source << Jian Chu Han Shan Audio Drama >> original source << #魔道祖师 #mdzs #mo dao zu shi #grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation #fanart by minorujoeling #pardon for the sudden nsfw reblog #especially to the ppl not following me for bl #but this is awesome #ahem #nosebleeds like crazy #now we get imagery to associate with the extra chapter #i like how little apple is the guard for paywall *cackles* # randompasser said: @asckj1 oh that’s interesting, see cos I actually screen recorded the extra (because for some reason I couldn’t find it in my saved videos at that time) and uploaded it to YouTube and that one is 17:26 with a kinda abrupt ending. Wangji berusaha melawan Nie Mingjue dengan Bichen tapi tidak mempan. mdzs bichen extra